Dakotah Designs

 and Gift Cards
You dont see this
  service offered on a website
       very often do you???
  I know how it is.
You fall in love with something
and you just have to have it 
but your budget takes one look at the price and
 rolls on the floor
laughing at your delusions of grandeur.
Been there,
 Done that myself...alot!
Because of that I decided to offer a layaway program
Here's how it works.
 You contact me via info@Dakotah-Designs.com
Leave me your phone number
and a message of when its a good time to call.
 I'll call you back.
You let me know which item you just can't live without
and I'll pull it from my site.
At that point I require a
 20% non refundable deposit
of the total purchase  price
that includes shipping charges and taxes.
 You may charge it with your credit card
I take Mastercard, Visa, Discover
and American Express
 I can bill you via Paypal
 You may send me a check for at least that amount.
From that date you have 6 (six) months
to complete your purchase.
You may make your payments anyway you'd like
and when ever you'd like.
Check, PayPal or Credit Card.
 I'll even set up a reminder email to let you know you need to make a payment
to make things easier for you.
Just ask!
 Once I receive the final payment I'll contact you and let you know I've shipped your baby to it's new home
If you later change your mind and dont want the item
the 20% deposit is non refundable.
If you'd made a few payments and change your mind,
 No problem.
Ill refund everything you've paid 
the 20% non refundable deposit.
If you make the final payment by check I will not ship the item till the check has cleared my bank
which can be up to 7 business days
from the day I deposit it
Gift Cards Available
Want to give a friend a basket but not sure which one they'd love?
Give a Dakotah Designs Gift Card
I'm happy to send it to them for you.
Included will be a one of a kind hand made card
with a message of your choosing
along with telling them
amount of your gift and who its from. 
Just email me with the name and
 address of who it's going to,
  the amount you want to spend
and I'll bill you via Paypal for the amount.
Once paid I'll send it to the recipient for you.
Valid for items already made and custom work.
It's a easy way to do your shopping
and great way to make your friends smile
at how well you know them.