Dakotah Designs
  I include a care tag with each item purchased
but if you happen to lose the tag
youll find care instructions listed here


Traditional Baskets
Baskets need moisture to keep them at their best.
Once of twice a year take your Dakotah Designs basket and using cool water give it a quick rinse in the shower then let it air dry for about 24 hrs.
Take some Lemon Oil or Scotts Liquid Gold and apply all over the basket.
Set aside till completely dry about another 24 hrs. This will add much needed moisture back to the basket and will help prevent splinting and breaking
DO NOT use furniture polish
Do not set your basket in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
Reed is a natural fiber and natural fibers break down in direct sun. Direct sun will also fade the colors 
Gourd Art
Gourds have been found that are 1000s of years old because they were kept dry and out of direct sun and that's about all you have to do. Keep them out of direct sun because it will break down the natural fibers and fade the art work. Keep them dry. Ive found the best way to clean them is to use a blow dryer on cool and use it to dust your gourd.. Simple as that! 
Antler Baskets
 Do not hang your Antler Basket in direct sunlight because it will break down the fibers and fade the baskets colors.
 Antler Baskets take a bit more effort to clean but its worth it. 
Set a blow dyer on cool and gently blow any dust and dirt off of it. Using a plastic bag cover any feathers or decorative trim. Fill a squirt bottle with cool water and mist the entire basket then let it dry. About 24 hrs.
 Once dry if you have some Scotts Liquid Gold or Lemon Oil that's an aerosol lightly spray the basket but be careful of the trim.  DO NOT USE FURNITURE POLISH. If you only have the liquid kind take a disposable paint brush and paint the basket with it. Let dry thoroughly, about 24 hrs,then re hang.
Cinnamon Ornaments
These ornaments are extremely long lasting if properly cared for. I have some that are 20 plus years old. At the end of the holiday season all you do is wrap them in tissue and store them in a dry place. I usually wrap mine in a paper towel and place in a plastic bag then place them where they will not get broken. To  re-release the scent gently sand the back of the ornament with a fine grade sandpaper.