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Blue Macaw parrot feathers, Lady Amherst pheasant feathers along with semi precious, glass beads and a silver tone Concho accent this Antler Basket done in shades of blue


     Have your own antlers

 and would like

 a basket made

using them?


                I'm happy to

             use your antlers.

               Just email me.


          Please allow a 2 week 

           lead in time for the

        completion of your order

















About Antler Baskets
                    Antlers are a renewable resource.
The males or "bucks" as they are often called,
shed their antlers every spring
and a new set grows back during the spring and summer
to be used for courting the females in the fall.
You do not have to kill the animal to get its antlers.
Many other creatures like racoon, squirrels and mice,to name a few,use these shed antlers to provide needed minerals to their diet
so you'll often find chew marks on what I use.
Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Fallow Deer, Caribou, Elk and Moose antlers are incorporated into my hand woven pieces of art. Each basket flows from the shape and size of the antler. Often I'm not sure what's its going to look like until Im done weaving so you'll never see 2 baskets exactly alike.
I follow no particular pattern for weaving
the colors I choose into my baskets.
I just do what I think looks good as Im working.
Everything from dyeing the reed various colors to adding the final beadwork accents
is all done by hand. 
No premade baskets are used
NO Two Baskets are ever the Same
Some baskets can take up to 20 plus hrs from start to finish

                                                       Gnarly Caribou
   Caribou Antlers have a wonderful free form feel to them. Very "Gnarly' looking( as I call them.) 

This wall sculpture show cases a beautiful caribou antler used as the handle. Using sea grass and hand dyed reed in shades of blues, rust and brown its been accented with male Ring neck pheasant feathers, a cluster of hanging semi precious stones in various types and colors and is finished it off with an antler button with the same semiprecious stones in the center 
Gnarly measures 38 inches tall from the top most point of the antler to the bottom of the basket( not including the feather accent) and 19 inches at the widest point of the basket 
             Driftwood Dreams
Weathered by the elements this piece of cedar makes a unique one of a kind handle for this wall basket. Woven of reed and sea grass in a multitude of earth tones it will fit in to most any decor. 

Accented with a cluster of feathers that include pheasant, ostrich and rooster its trimmed with an tiger eye button and a green semi precious stone     

Driftwood dreams measures 26 inches from top to bottom and about 14 inches at its widest point.


                   Cactus Flower
Made in the shape of a traditional hen basket this basket is woven using natural jute cord and hand dyed reed in just about every color of the rainbow. A piece of cactus skeleton makes for a natural handle. Its finished off with a burst of golden and ring neck pheasant feather and a coconut button in the center

Cactus Flower measures 17 inches tall, 13 inches side to side and 10 inches front to back. its the perfect size to hold lots of different things like towels, kindling, magazines you name it!