Dakotah Designs

 M Kathleen Ewing

                     Wells, Texas





Each gourd is a one of a kind.

Decorated in styles from Southwest to Contempory each will add a bit of Mother Nature to your home




        Designs !!!!    

        I've been working

     on some new styles

         of gourd art and

   finally got some done.

            Let me know

          what you think.

These are just a small sample of what I have on hand so if you are looking for something in particular please contact me  I might have a piece you'll just fall in love with all ready done!
























































                     Shades of Earth and Sky
Shades of Earth and Sky was made using several new techniques
Ive been learning that include adding more color
and more weaving to my creations.  
 A large Canteen gourd was dyed a deep rich mahogany brown
Beaded ribbon and fancy yarns, along with dyed reed in shades of blue,
 smoke vine rattan and raffia were woven
 in a free form style to create the rim.
 The top is finished using dried philodendron sheaves
 along with an accent of turquoise blue eyelash yarn
and a walnut shell slice
                          Measuring 11 inches tall and 13 inches wide
Kokopelli's Music  Gourd Sculpture

              Kokopelli's Music
                            is one of my newest favorites. 
Ive taken 4 gourds, feathers and horsetail along with a few special ingredients and created this one of a kind sculpture. A copper verdigris color, he looks like real aged copper metal. He stands on a wooden base decorated with natural rough cut turquoise, other stones and driftwood.
 Overall  Kokopelli's Music stands 2ft tall and is 18  inches wide from side to side. That includes his feather and horsetail crest.


                    Wild Horse
Rimmed in a rust raffia, this kettle gourd has been wood burned then various paints and inks were applied to give it a rich looking feel to it. its been wood burned all around with different petroglyph symbols in addition to the front design.  Embellished with a metal concho, real Horsetail (from my riding companion Allyssa) and various semi precious stones and beads.
 It stands 8.5 inches tall and is 8.5 inches wide at its widest point. The opening at the top is 2.5 inches across
                                              Ancient Urn
Using one of my new paint techniques I fashioned this urn out of a bottle gourd. The copper verdigris gives it a wonderful just dug up from a ruin feeling. Ive added weathered brass feathers to give it an even more primitive look.
Ancient Urn stands 9 inches tall and 7 inches wide at its widest point. The top opening is 2.5 inches across

                Native Sunflower  
                             Is it a vase or a candle??? You decide!
 I used a canteen gourd and created a vase that will double as an oil candle. The opening holds a small oil votive that is very easily removed so the gourd can be used for more than just a candle. Allow to cool then just lift out  you have a vase! Easy Peasy!  
 The Canteen gourd was dyed a beautiful rich mahogany brown and wood burned. The design was painted with metallic paints and sealed with a satin finish for additional  protection.
Native Sunflower is 5 inches tall, 8 inches wide with a center opening of less an an inch.


                Roman Candle
 No, its not the kind you shoot off but it's one that you can still enjoy. Ive taken a small cannonball gourd and transformed it into something that looks like it came from an ancient ruin. It doubles as both a oil candle or a vase. A small glass oil votitve sits safely in the center of the gourd. Remove it after it's cooled and you have a wonderful accent vase for your home. A copper verdigris colored body with a solid black base, it sits 6 inches tall with a width of 6.5 inches. The top center opening is less than an inch.
                   Forest Magic

I just love playing with alcohol inks.  I never know just how things will turn out. That's what makes them so magical!
 Forest magic is a canteen gourd that Ive layered with alcohol inks in shades of green and browns along with mica powder to give it a wonderful shimmer of gold. The rim was created by stringing hundreds of bronze glass Czech seed bead on wire then wrapping the rim. I added a free form cluster of seed beads as an accent to the piece.
 Forest Magic is 5  inches tall, 7 inches wide and has an opening of 2.5  inches across 
                   Because of the nature of alcohol inks this is truly 
                                          a one of the kind piece

                                         Bear Warrior 
 Is a one of a kind spirit doll made out of a  Club Gourd. Standing on a wooden base covered with mosses, cones and lichen, Bear Warrior has been wood burned all around with various patterns then painted in shades of blues,browns and coral. Along with the petroglyph style Bear on the front there is a tribal style Bear Paw on the left side ( you can just see the edge of it in the photo)  Gold Leafing on his mask and jacket edge adds a rich accent. His head piece is made of both male and female Ring neck  pheasant feathers with an  Zuni style inlaid silver and turquoise center accent. His jewelry is made of Czeh glass beads and semi precious stone beads 
 Bear Warrior stands 17 inches tall and 5.5  inches wide

                                                 Natural Partners 
      Nothing goes together better than antlers, gourds and feathers! 
 Using a wonderful Mule deer antler I searched my gourd stash till I found one that fit the curve of the antler.(That took a while)  I colored the gourd using leather dye and paint, ribbed the top edge with palm bloom then lashed the antler in place with black waxed linen cord.   Found this beautiful beaded accent while out antiquing so I added it along with semi precious stone beads, glass Czech beads and female Pheasant feathers to finish the piece off.   
Natural Partners sits 8 inches tall and 11 inches wide and with a center opening of 4 inches

                 Red Lady Spirit Doll
Created from 3 gourds Red Lady seems to dance as you watch.  Standing on a wooden base, shes wearing a painted suede textured cape with various different patterns on her wood burned underskirt.   Accented with gold foil she wears a natural red coral and onyx necklace 
                  Red Lady stands 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide  

      FYI... I collect old broken pieces of jewelry and up cycle it in to my work. The coral used in this piece was originally harvested sometime back in the 1940's based on the style of the original necklace it came from.  Most of the accents I use on my work are found at junk stores, secondhand shops, garage sale and while antiquing or made from scratch by myself.